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Ten Killer Ways to use NFC –

“By explaining all of your information coherently and impressively to potential clients via NFC, you’re going to be the business that they remember and want to continue working with”

Every smartphone has Near Field Communication (NFC) capability build-in. This means that 20% of the world’s population has access to the technology. The global NFC market in 2015 was worth $4.6 billion (Statista). ….and that was six years ago.

The technology is becoming more intuitive and innovative. Moreover, it is creating more seamless ways for consumers to interact with brands and physical media.

What is it?

It is a technique of data transfer which allows technologies to communicate with each other. Without the requirement for an internet connection. The tech is an evolution of radio frequency identification technology and, most famously, includes apps like Apple Pay.

So NFC allows consumers to interact with brands in an effortless, interesting and tangible way. It makes routine interactions, like paying or playing, much simpler. As well as being a practical solution for consumers, NFC can also be used creatively in a B2B context.


This is by far the most common use of NFC, but it remains very convenient for both consumers and other businesses. Moreover, allowing payment to take place with just a tap of your smartphone creates a painless paying environment for the user.

When it’s this easy for the buyer and for you, why not integrate an NFC payment method into presentations to give the option of a rapid “close” there and then?

Corporate Events

Conferences and corporate events are crucial when it comes to communication and marketing between businesses. Here organisations promote their businesses and products to one another and forge meaningful and fruitful relationships.

Standing out in the crowd here is crucial and NFC can help. So much more than a brochure or business card. Moreover, the integration of NFC into company displays can offer an intuitive and tech-driven method of providing more info about your company. It also allows you to be your brand or to add a tech dimension to it.

Product Presentation

So if you’re in the process of constructing a product presentation for a potential new client, incorporate NFC. Maybe you’re pitching to a tech company or manufacturer, an NFC option will show your understanding of some of the most up-to-date engineering. At the end of the presentation, use an NFC option to initiate a download of the core information. It’s makes an impact and will leave them with the info you want them to take away.


So using NFC, in B2B environments, helps to cement an organisation in the mind of its audience. You can build stronger, longer lasting and, crucially, more engaging b2b relationships with potential partners. All by creating interesting, interactive and tangible communications.

As ever it is still about added value but added value through technology and detail with audience-targeted content, in-depth information and a clearer vision of how your product can help someone else’s business.

Competitions and Discounts

Depending on your market position, product and audience competition giveaways can work well. They add value, support data capture or add intrigue and substance to your product or service. Running competitions with valuable prizes is a great way to communicate with your audience and is proven to increase engagement. Again, at a B2B event or conference, offering timely, on-the-day discount opportunities is a great marketing tool to use whilst you’re there. Doing so with NFC will offer leads and partners something in return at the beginning of a business relationship.

Return on Investment Information

When we talk about B2B marketing, hammering home positive return on investment (ROI) information is essential. Businesses who communicate with consumers, can afford be a lot more idealistic with their messaging but, for b2b, it all comes down to effectiveness and return. When facing your clients or trying to generate new ones, the potential to generate profit is the most powerful tool you have.

Creatively portraying the potential ROIs of your product or service via NFC is a great way to keep that message in your client’s minds. Particularly if you want to impress at a conference and ensure that the people you speak to remember the ROI info you can offer, go beyond old-school and invite them to download the information with NFC to make the process simple.

Market Information

B2B marketing is all about metrics and knowing market share information. If you can show where your business or product stands in the market, how it shapes up against the competition and, crucially, how it can help another business improve their standing in the market then the battle may already be won. By explaining all of this information coherently and impressively to potential clients via NFC, you’re going to be the business that they remember and want to continue working with.




Presenting testimonials to potential new clients is a fantastic way to add weight to your business and show that you are a trusted partner. Winning new business is not always an easy battle, so having the added gravitas of testimonials from past clients can make all the difference. Using NFC, you can show the best testimonials from your past clients while presenting to new ones.

Call To Action

Finally, creating a strong call to action is the most crucial part of any marketing campaign. It is what turns interest into action and generates revenue. So, by using NFC for your call to action, you can create further intrigue. So the key here is ensuring the end-user knows the CTA is interactive and keeping things simple. Make the CTA stand out and make sure that everyone can use it.

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