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B2B Marketing automation allows marketing managers to target relevant content to an audience further and wider than ever before.  It allows complete transparency of the marketing process. It connects ‘users’ with anonymous ‘sessions’ to identify businesses and individuals.  It helps fill your company’s pipeline with quantifiable, traceable marketing leads.

B2B Marketing Automation records the number of prospects and the total sales value giving you a clear RoI. Thus enabling you to double down on activity or adjust your approach as necessary. Automation maps the sales pipeline tracking interactions from initial contact through to advocacy. It encourages a complete map of the customer buying journey from marketing to sales and on to admin or support. It also analyses every step and forces efficiency into the system, efficiency that makes your business more profitable. For Sales Directors it holds your team accountable. You know who’s fast, efficient and effective at every step of the way.

Managed correctly b2b marketing automation is a circle that joins the client, the marketing team and sales to deliver more profitable opportunities for the business.

It takes time, it takes skill and it takes patience to set up the right automation system for you. But once created & optimised it will be an always-on marketing programme that will bring you new leads, new results and new opportunities.

Sonar - Marketing Automation

Sonar is our marketing automation platform.  It’s been built as a managed service and gives you access to a huge volume of data and insight.  We created Sonar to replace a number of existing tools in a single dashboard.  It pulls data from a number of sources, standardises the formatting and creates usable insight designed to help improve your RoI.

Individual Systems

We used to use a number of separate systems to achieve a pseudo-automated system.  The big challenge with this approach getting individual systems to talk to each other and out put useful data that can inform the marketing strategy.

Sonar Analytics

Complete website analytics suite connected through small piece of java script placed on the target website(s). Data from multiple websites belonging to the same company or campaign can be combined to give a single picture of volume traffic to each pages, site of landing page,

Google Analytics

Complete analytics suite connected through a small piece of java script placed on the target website.  Give you a dashboard describing activity on a single website only.

Sonar IP lookup

This service helps to identify users based on their IP address.  Whilst individual users can be identified this way the most effective use of Reverse IP lookup is to identify specific companies as the browse your website, visit individual pages and take actions.  These actions are recorded in the user ‘Life of Lead’ score.

Lead Forensics

3rd party systems are available but integration into analytics is difficult.  You can use, or any number of third party tools but the challenge here is to get the data flowing from one system to another giving a greater level of clarity.

Sonar CRM

Along with capturing the volume and identity of site visitors our Marketing Automation platform also builds a dynamic contact record of that individual. This record includes contact information, individual tasks, notes, actions and a history.  With the CRM component we can even track all messages sent from your business and collate them. All added to their online interactions, to develop a lead score.  the lead score is the single biggest


Using a Separate CRM saw a massive increase in the use of spreadsheets!  CSV files to be exact. It took time and care to ensure each transfer we correctly processes to keep the records accurate and up to date.  This was ultimately done on a weekly basis a slowed our reaction time when contacting hot leads.

eMail and form tracking

Most campaigns use online channels including eMail.  Our automation platform allows us to create beautiful eMails and track every move, click and open.  Each action is recorded in the prospects contact record.  If the recipient takes a big step e.g. completing a form or visiting the contact us page a notification is sent directly to the sales team.


Most businesses use eMail to communicate to their audience and most eMail providers track “clicks” and “opens”. But using a separate system leaves no way of communicating that activity to the sales team.  This not only took time but meant we were reliant on the sales team to manage the relationship instead of automating the process and keeping control. Instead we would produce a daily report on all activity which would be exported and sorted into priority.