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Beach@Downing Street – We were thrilled recently to be invited to Number 10 Downing Street to meet with the PM’s Business Policy Adviser, Jimmy McLoughlin. As a member of Enterprise Nation, it was a fantastic opportunity to have our say on business issues affecting small businesses in the UK.

There were 20 businesses in total. They came from all regions and sectors including our founder Steve Bishop.

“You don’t get an invite to No.10 every day so I was really excited to attend. I had the chance to meet with Jimmy McLoughlin, Business Adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May. The issue of VAT is very complex in the creative industry. I outlined the confusion that currently faces marketing agencies with regards to charging VAT on printed collateral. Despite Beach@Downing Street – The Policy Advisor was unaware of the level of complexity and suggested he would investigate further!”


Beach visit to 10 Downing street, London