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image of print magazine concept ad for horse race bettingFood for thoughtNewsTechnology
20 May, 2022

Still a place for print…

Accessible, Readable, Effective There is still a place for print..... It may not be fashionable to say it but..there is still a place for print. The world of digital marketing…
strategy marketingFood for thoughtMarketing Strategy
16 May, 2022

Making Sense of Marketing Strategy

Making Sense of Marketing Strategy Marketing is hard. There are no two ways about it. Back in the day it was relatively straight forward – identifying your audience and looking…
Food for thought
9 May, 2022

Agencies can support mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 Agencies can support better mental health - There is a world of difference between an agency that does some good work and a good agency.…
tea in an age of wellbeingChoosing an agency
29 April, 2022

What does every agency run on?

The agency as sanctuary in an age of wellbeing What does every agency run on? - We are, as it says on our website, award-winning tea makers. We can, and…
4 March, 2022

B2B Buying Cycle – Stage 6 – Advocates

The Endgame - Advocates B2B Buying Cycle - 6 - Advocates. You have made it. This is the endgame. Your customers are Advocates. You are Invaluable. You will of course…
Beach NewsMarketing Automation
4 March, 2022

The Buying Cycle – Stage 5 – Action

Your customers are "Taking Action" - You are making yourself "Valuable" The Buying Cycle - Stage 5 - Action - In stage five your prospects are taking action and your…
close up image of smartly dressed man with premium watchBranding
18 February, 2022

Aim high? Create a premium brand

Aim high - create a premium brand. If you purchase a laptop from Apple, you know you’re buying a premium brand. If you decide to pay that little bit extra…
Food for thought
6 December, 2021

Buying Cycle – 4: Validating

The Buying Cycle – The Six Phases: In stage four of the buying cycle - validating has been attained. By moving through the six phases the behaviour of prospects will…
3 December, 2021

The Buying Cycle Stage 3: Comparing

The Buying Cycle – The Six Phases: In the buying cycle stage 3 - comparing - your prospects have moved through the six phases the behaviour of prospects will move…
BrandingFood for thought
3 December, 2021

If your brand is just your logo, you’re in the wrong place.

Following any sort of marketing group demonstrates that marketing – to misquote Jeremy Clarkson - means many things. Many different things to many different people and businesses.  What does marketing…
tea in an age of wellbeingBeach NewsNewsTechnology
26 November, 2021

10 Killer Ways to Use NFC in a B2B Context

Ten Killer Ways to use NFC - “By explaining all of your information coherently and impressively to potential clients via NFC, you’re going to be the business that they remember…
Beach NewsNews
26 November, 2021

The business you lost …without even knowing it.

The business you lost without even knowing it - If the pandemic has taught us anything it is the value of digital communications and online e-commerce. Even for b2b businesses.…
Beach NewsFood for thoughtNews
26 November, 2021

The Buying Cycle – Stage 1: Unknown

The buying cycle stage one - unknown. Accelerating your buying cycle is all about increasing market share, boosting leads and achieving more sales. All prospects have a buying cycle, and…
tea in an age of wellbeingBeach NewsFood for thoughtLead GenerationMarketing Automation
18 November, 2021

Buying Cycle Approaching Prospects

The B2B Buying Cycle - Approaching Prospects Right Time, Right Content. Do you recognise the buying cycle and how well do you approach prospects? How often does that actually happen?…
the mechanics of b2b marketing automationFood for thought
12 November, 2021

Sales & Marketing Alignment – A Match Made…

Sales & Marketing – A Match Made… Marketing and Sales Alignment. Sales & Marketing Alignment. Together. Joined at the hip. Or not. The world of marketing has shrunk and depending…
the tech behind automationBeach NewsFood for thoughtLead GenerationTechnology
10 November, 2021

PPMA – The Return of The Show

Insert blog title PPMA – The Return of the Show It’s been a long time coming but shows are back at least for the foreseeable future. For us the PPMA…
Food for thoughtNews
10 November, 2021

B2B Buying Cycle – Stage 2: Aware

The Buying Cycle - Stage 2 Aware The b2b buying cycle has reached stage 2 - Aware.....The cycle itself has six phases - Unaware, Aware, Comparing, Validating, Action and Advocates.…
15 February, 2021

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has been a buzzword for some time now, but what does it actually mean? And does it have any relevance to marketing? Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the…
18 October, 2020

The best beach films of all time

The Beach, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan and Point Break – all great films, all featuring a beach, but which one is our favourite? During lock-down we’ve had quite a lot…
5 May, 2020

Outlook Power Moves – 0 Inbox strategy

Outlook Power Moves Strategy - John Filcher had a problem with Outlook.  He realised that it was running him, not the other way around. “I’d get into the office with…

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