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26 November, 2021

The business you lost …without even knowing it.

The business you lost without even knowing it If the pandemic has taught us anything it is the value of digital communications and online e-commerce. Even for b2b businesses. Back…
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26 November, 2021

The Buying Cycle – Stage 1: Unaware

Accelerating your buying cycle is all about increasing market share, boosting leads and achieving more sales. All prospects have a buying cycle, and most are predictable. They can vary between…
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18 November, 2021

The B2B Buying Cycle – Approaching Prospects Right Time, Right Content

The B2B Buying Cycle - Approaching Prospects Right Time, Right Content. How often does that actually happen? What are the issues that can trip up any business? Is there an…
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10 November, 2021

The Buying Cycle – Stage 2: Aware

The Buying Cycle - Stage 2 Aware ....has six phases - Unaware, Aware, Comparing, Validating, Action and Advocates. So the behaviour of prospects will change and develop as they move…
15 February, 2021

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has been a buzzword for some time now, but what does it actually mean? And does it have any relevance to marketing? Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the…
18 October, 2020

The best beach films of all time

The Beach, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan and Point Break – all great films, all featuring a beach, but which one is our favourite? During lock-down we’ve had quite a lot…
5 May, 2020

Outlook Power Moves – 0 Inbox strategy

John Filcher had a problem with Outlook.  He realised that it was running him, not the other way around. “I’d get into the office with the best of intentions, with…
5 March, 2020

The Rat Race just got paused,
and I like the view

Loyalty, communication and trust – 3 fundamentals for building a successful remote working team culture  Like most things in life the Covid-19 pandemic will end but, before it does it will go…
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24 October, 2019

Doing more with less…

Imagine the scenario… Your Manchester dealer is screaming for 200 new brochures for an exhibition they are attending. In the South West they need some personalised posters for a new…
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17 October, 2019

How does b2b marketing automation work?

Marketing Automation is a hot topic right now. It’s being heralded as the future of marketing, the link between sales & marketing and the tool to deliver personalised journeys at…
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10 October, 2019

SSL Certificates – What, why, how?

If you’ve browsed the web recently, you may have noticed a little padlock in your search bar: And chances are at some point you’ve visited a website only to be…
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7 October, 2019

How well are CMSs being utilised?

How well are CMS’s being utilised? The performance of your website comes down to many factors, but a large proportion of its performance is a result of how well you’ve…
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21 September, 2019

Going to the dark side.

An inside look at the dark web. If you have an interest in all things digital you may have heard of the dark web, well since my last blog ‘A…
Office exampleChoosing an agency
13 September, 2019

Choosing a marketing agency – five things to avoid!

What not to do when choosing your marketing agency I know that clients have to choose a marketing agency somehow, but is it just me, or is the old fashioned…
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10 July, 2019

Your computer, a hackers playground?

    The evolution of technology has maximised to the degree in which our cyber-culture relies on it. Daily, we use the computer-generated network for communications, entertainment and business needs.…
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4 July, 2019

Account Based Marketing for Business to Business

Account based marketing is everywhere. Or at least the phrase Account Based Marketing is everywhere as when I dig down there seems to be a sizable gap between the words…
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22 June, 2019

Marketing Automation with the CIM

Marketing automation has exploded in the past 3 years bringing together mature technologies to produce a reliable method of producing personalised customer journeys at scale.  It’s well used by big…
Computer and coffee photoBranding
27 April, 2019

Branding made simple

Developing a strong and consistent brand can add value to your business in much the same way as any other asset would do. It will also help you build  with…
CMYK colour tiger graphicDesign
20 March, 2019

Colour formats – know your RGB from your CMYK

A quick guide to different colour formats and how to use them... These acronyms may look like industry jargon, but it can be useful to understand colour abbreviations and their…
Marketing for manufacturers - beach marketing specialistsFeatured
29 April, 2018

Grants for marketing for manufacturers

Grants for Marketing for Manufacturers now available… Are you an SME Manufacturer that wants to grow and become more competitive? We're passionate about manufacturing and want to help UK Manufacturers…

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